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Southend Cycles AvantiPlus is an accredited AvantiPlus dealer.

A home grown brand that continues to bring our athletes wins at the Olympics and World Champs. Designing and developing bikes for over 20 years in Australia and New Zealand has resulted in bike model groups that perfectly match our lifestyle and needs. This home grown experience and feedback leads Avanti's bike engineer team to develop some of the toughest, lightest, fastest and geometry efficient bikes for our conditions.

Visit the website and see the full line up of bikes on www.avantibikes.com

Scott Bicycles

An international sports company specialising in all aspects of cycling.

They brought us the innovation of the aero bar, now obligatory for most time trials and triathlons.

Visit the website and see the full line up of bikes on www.scott-sports.com


The three-speed gear; the all-steel bike; the lower bottom bracket which allows riders to put their feet on the ground; all advancements pioneered by Raleigh, without which the bicycle we know today would not exist. Raleigh has a bike for the whole family, whether you want to go down to the park, to the shops or a leisurely ride along a bike path.

Visit the website and see the full line up of bikes on www.rideraleigh.com


If the thought of cycling appeals to you and value for money is important to you, the Tarini bike line up is suited towards you. While the bikes don't have all the bells and whistles like our other brands, you do receive a good quality bike that is built by the same qualified bike mechanic who builds $7000 bikes. Plus you have the added follow up service as all our other bikes.